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Streamlined QC data management and compliance — inspect, process and report QC data from a central point

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  • Inspect QC results daily and spot issues early
  • Meet compliance requirements with monthly QC reports
  • Reduce costs with a cloud-based QC management solution

Streamline your QC data management workflow

Strong Quality Control (QC) capabilities are important for maintaining analyzer uptime and an efficient workflow, and support regulatory compliance with local QC standards.

Quality Manager is a cloud-based data management digital service that can help you achieve these goals.

Quality Manager collects daily and monthly QC performance from your connected Radiometer ABL analyzers in real time. You can inspect, process and report on this data from a single point of access– all without leaving your desk.

Build QC capabilities with Quality Manager

Daily QC management

Improves analyzer uptime.

Monthly QC reporting

Supports compliance with local QC regulation.

Peer comparison

For added confidence in QC performance.

Delivered as a service (SaaS)

Cloud technology contains costs and complexity

Work confidently with QC peer comparison

Gain peace of mind in knowing that your analyzers are performing to the right standards. Peer comparison makes a statistical analysis of mean bias value – an analyzer’s bias from a target value – compared to analyzers in a selected peer group.

If the mean bias for the last 10 QC results statistically deviates from the mean bias values of the peer group, Quality Manger issues a notification. This helps you identify and troubleshoot emerging QC issues before they compromise device uptime.

Add the peer comparison widget to your Quality Manger dashboard and keep track of how your connected ABL analyzers are performing compared to reference devices.

Peer group comparisons can also be documented in periodic reports that may help you to demonstrate QC compliance.

Secure QC data management with cloud-based connectivity

Quality Manager is delivered as a service, with no need to invest in or manage costly on-site IT infrastructure. Quality Manager is built on Microsoft Azure.

Our hosted service provides layers of security that always protect your device data. Through an encrypted connection performance, calibration and quality control data are transferred to Radiometer servers.

Quality Manager technical specifications

Application requirements

Internet browser:
Microsoft Internet Explorer 11, Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome
Screen resolution: Min 1024 x 768 pixels (optimized for 1280 x 1024 pixels) aspect ratio 4:3 or 16:9
Network connection: TCP/IP and HTTPS support to the internet

Radiometer analyzer requirements

ABL type:
ABL 90 or ABL 800
ABL operating system versions: Microsoft Windows 7 or 10
ABL firmware version: ABL 90 v3.5 or newer, ABL 800 v6.19 or newer

Ensure Quality with Quality Manager

Inspect and track issues based on urgency, react promptly, and document root causes and corrective actions.

Reports from Quality Manager make you ready for inspections and keep you compliant. You can even go paperless to support a more efficient workflow.

An integrated POC IT and Services solution 

Quality Manager is part of Connect & Care.

Connect & Care is a customizable, total solution that connects and supports medical devices, data, and people to keep your POC testing setup running smoothly, placing you a step ahead to put life first.

MAPSSS-000759 R1

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